Tai Chi
April 5 (Sunday) at 9:30 am

James Shook
Class length
1 hour
Calm the mind. Relax the muscles. Release the joints. 

Explore the internal art of tai chi in this class designed for students of all levels. Hundreds of years old, this fascinating practice uses the principles of yin and yang to create a dynamic exercise based in soft, relaxed movement. Nicknamed “swimming on dry land,” it is low impact and suitable for people of all ages. The many health benefits of practicing tai chi are now being recognized more in the western world as institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, have begun researching tai chi and publishing their results. Tai chi has been shown to benefit injury recovery, heart strength, circulation, breathing, balance, leg strength, structural alignment, bone density, and pain management for muscles and joints. It has also been shown to help relieve stress, while improving mental acuity and psychological well-being. 
Each class will include standing meditation practice and an exploration of a different posture from the Cheng Man-ching Yang style form. The instructor, James Shook, has been teaching tai chi since 2012, and practicing tai chi since 2002. He founded the Great Salt Lake Tai Chi Chuan Society in Utah, and Resolution Tai Chi in Oregon.

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